Clash Royale: Tips and tricks to reach the 2000 trophies


Dederian is the leader in Clan Clash Royale. Only a month has been playing-and has already surpassed us all! But why? What he has done Dederian to master fast the new game Supercell? Well, if you want to see first hand tips and tricks he has used himself to reach the 2000 trophies in less than thirty days (without spending any money, you have even more worthwhile!), Today we bring all the keys written by himself. So is!Dederian has offered to share with all readers of Portal Today their knowledge of Clash Royale, techniques and strategies, proven time and again against opponents from all arenas. We leave with him!

Are you stuck in Clash Royale? Thanks to Portal Today , we have been enjoying clash royale cheats before its worldwide release and we decided to put all that experience that we have gained here, just for you! To facilitate you reading, we decided to divide this guide into two sections: Tips combat and tips move faster. get free clash royale elixirs

Tips combat

In the battles of Clash Royale your only recourse is the elixir, the following tips are mostly aimed at you use it more efficiently. Become a master of elixir and watch your fights become easier!

  • No need to drag your cards to invoke

You can touch a letter to select it and then press (or hold) anywhere on the map to release it in that position. It’s much faster and can even use both hands!

  • Do not let your butt elixir stay long

The elixir is for use cards, the more you elixir you obtain during the game, the more letters you can use. If you let him stay full, do not generate new elixir and therefore you can invoke fewer cards during the game. Ouch!

  • Do not use cards each time you have enough elixir to use

Most letters can be counteracted with cheaper cards, be patient and wait to have enough to use two or more. Two cards together are more dangerous than separated!  For example: Prince (cost 5 of elixir) attacking alone can be defeated very quickly by the army of skeletons (cost 4), and also be skeletons left over to give enough damage to your tower. Not only you have lost the Prince, but also the opponent will have more elixir that you and your tower will be damaged!

But what if you expect to have 9 elixir and send together with your prince and a Valkyrie? Whoops! Now your opponent and can not use the army of skeletons because Valkyrie kill them without neither sufrie ra almost damage! Now it will not so easily plop and is in serious trouble! There are many combinations as cards can be used together, try themuntil you find work best for your deck.

  • Fight whenever you can close your towers

Your towers are a great source of damage, they will attack enemy troops and give you advantage. If you are able to bring a rival troops as far as the reach both towers, It will die in seconds!  For example : If your opponent and you do fight your Baby Dragon in the center of the map, the two will have spent 4 elixir and none will win nothing, both die.Even if one of the two survives, it will barely rival tower life and end with him before he gets to hurt.


Then his letter be hurt your baby dragon and your tower. His troops be hurt much faster than yours, which will be much more life in the end, enough to fight with danger if you use any other card more!

  • Do not hit the central tower of your opponent if not essential

When combat both your central tower as your opponent are “asleep” and not attack even a rival troop approaching them starts.  The central towers wake up when one of the towers under his party dies or when hit ( therefore a troop like a spell) and then yes willattack any troops that have near-and get very far! So much so that they are able to shoot troops they attack the smaller towers.

  • Learn what they are capable your towers

Your towers are more capable than they seem, do not need to use letters to defend absolutely everything you use your opponent to attack. In some cases, if only you do not use any letter, you just get damage and have more elixir for attacking your opponent will have to fight back  For example : the towers are capable of killing three Trolls with Lanza , a pair of Archers, or three Minions arriving just running without receiving damage.

  • Learn what they are capable your cards

Especially your spells. What are able to kill? What no way you can know how many cards you need to defend yourself without wasting elixir.  For example : A fireball is able to leave ten life points to one Mosquetera, a magician or a Barbarians at your level -and will kill any of them if they have a lower level!

  • Attacks with head , not spend all your elixir

If you spend all your elixir when you attack, your opponent could fight on the other side of the map and you could not defend yourself. Because…

  • Do not put your troops always on the bridge

If you invoke your troops in the bottom of the map, especially the slower, like Gigante , it will take a while to get to the bridge. At that time your elixir recharges and can attack with more cards at once or even book elixir to defend yourself! If you combine both options your opponent can not predict your next step.

  • Head defends, uses only the necessary letters

If you use more troops, the opponent could fight on the other side and you would not have enough elixir to defend yourself. Moreover, if you show your cards too early, the opponent will have time to think how to stop them!

  • Watch your opponent

Your opponent uses only 8 cards, just like you. If you are able to remember what cards you used, you could come on their steps!  For example : Early in the bout your opponent used the skeleton army against you ? Prince The next time you cast your Prince to ten attack list your arrows and you ‘ll end up with their skeletons before they kill him!

  • Try to remember the cost (approximately) of the letters , i ven that do not use

If you know the cost of the cards, you’ll know, more or less, how elixir has your opponent at all times and you can decide whether you should fight or have elixir plenty to crush anything that sets.  For example : your opponent just play a Prince and a Barbarians?That is 10 elixir! Quick! Your army of skeletons can easily with them and still left over 6 elixir you to send your Montapuercos and some Goblins with spears on the other side!You already have it!

  • Do not repeat much

If you use all the time the same cards in the same way, your opponent will learn to counter your strategy and you’ll easily passed quickly. If you have several cards that work well between them, you will have many more options in battle and your opponent will be much more difficult to be prepared every time! With a deck with, for example, Giant, Bomber, Barbarians, Goblins with spears, Army skeletons, Mini PEKKA, Mosquetera and Arrows, you have a lot of combinations to attack with danger:

  • Giant + Bomber
  • Giant + Barbarians
  • Giant + Goblins with spears
  • Giant skeletons Army +
  • Giant + Mosquetera
  • Barbarians + Bomber
  • Barbarians + Mosquetera
  • Etc!


  • Learn from your mistakes

Fortunately, our friends Supercell let us see every time we want replays of our recent fighting. Check the items you lost to see where you went wrong, what could you have done differently or what cards you just were useful during combat and get better.

  • Remember, losing is normal

Sometimes simply did not have the necessary cards, your opponent had much higher level or just his deck was perfect against yours. Do not obsess over your losses or you change your deck every time you lose.

Tips to move faster

To improve you need two things: level up your towers and level up your troops. For the towers you need experience, and for the troops, gold and letters. The fastest way to get both is the same:

  • Join a clan

Seriously, join a clan . If you are not in a clan you will cost horrors level up, upgrade your cards and get gold. In the following tips you’ll see why. ( Portal Today has its own clan“” which can enter freely. If it is full, we just ask for it in the forum and we will make a hole!).

  • Dona letters

Donate cards is the fastest and easiest way to get gold and experience. For every standard letter you donate, you gain 5 gold coins and 1 experience point ; and for each special letter, 50 coins and 10 experience.   To show you the advantage from level 3 to level up one of your troops normal desire only 0.5 experience points by letter, and by the special, to from level 2, are only 2.5 points . Half of experience and win gold!

  • Purchase cards to donate

As we have seen before, gold win for the cards you donate and if you look closely, you’ll see prices when buying the first normal letter and the first special letter are indeed lower than gold you win! Therefore s i buy a regular card for 3 coins and then donuts, gain 2 coins, 1 experience point and above, You’re still with the same letters you had before! And special it is even better as l at first costs 40 coins, so you earn 10 coins and 10 experience.

  • If you’re about to climb Arena, do not open your free Chest Chests and your Coronas!

Unlike chests you get to win battles, you always have the reward of sand where you were when conseguistes, the free trunks and crowns can change their reward if , although you have them available, you expect to open after climbing sand . And that’s very important to know that …

  • There are two chests of Coronas available!

Although the game does not say, the Cofre de Coronas works like the free Chests : when you unlock one starts to load the next (24 hours) up to two chests.

Still, you can not start filling the second box until you open the first, but it gives you more time to complete the Cofre de Coronas , no need to fill it anything else open it, you got 24 hours!

How to get free chests in clash royale

  • Upload sand whenever you can

Not worth the wait to have all the cards in an arena, climbing, chests you get get more cards and more gold, so stay in a lower sand is losing gold and letters that would make you move faster.   If you lack an epic you want, up sand, and use gold to buy your chests when they appear in the store.

  • Do not waste your gold like crazy, do not you level all the cards

There will come a point when you level up your cards will cost 400 or more gold. From that point, try to level up only the cards you need and soles use because costs skyrocket and you will not start earning gold much faster than now.  As mentioned before, donating a letter gives more experience to use it to level up a troop, so if you never use certain letter, you will advance faster if you donate to a member of your clan.

If you follow these tips, sure you’ll notice a significant improvement in your game. If you happen somewhere else we have left us, feel free to leave a comment!

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