The Nightmare of a Super Mario Run free to play

super mario run

Super Mario Run is the biggest launch in the history of the App Store with 40 million copies downloaded in four days. A record result, but who is the tree that hides the forest: on-the-job, how many actually bought the game?

Many of the negative comments left on the App Store complain about a too short demo and the “obligation” to pay the integrated purchase of $ 9.99 to get access to the entire game. Many players mobiles are biberonnés the freemium, where you can play for free without paying anything … but we must accept the timers that require hanging around behind the screen. Of course, you can pay to speed up the pace.

In one of the many interviews given by Shigeru Miyamoto before the game’s launch, the creator of Mario said : ”  If we had adapted Super Mario Bros. [The NES classic] on the iPhone, people would have said, “Wow, that’s great, but do you really expect me to pay for it?” We try to create products that have sufficient value for players to want to pay  . ”

Super Mario Run free toads problem ultimately did not have much to do with its content – if we want to go down the end and recover all the pieces , you need a few hours ahead. The biggest difficulty Nintendo faced finally is the freemium mentality that accustomed the players to pay nothing.

The site Pocket Gamer focused on imagining the nightmare would have been Super Mario Run if Nintendo had succumbed to the poisonous delights of free to play. It is not very beautiful to see!

buy mushroom on super mario run
Mario has no energy left? Buy a mushroom! Or take your evil in patience … You have failed in a level? No problem, just wait a little or watch an advertisement

Other examples equally shocking were devised by the site. Finally, when one sees what one escaped, these ten euros are not so expensive paid …

unlock new world on super mario run
To unlock a new world, you have to pay a certain number of coins … and if your wallet is not large enough, you have to enlarge it by buying extra space!
get free bubbles on super mario run
And why not pay for the famous bubbles that allow Mario to come back to life? To build new elements in the kingdom Toad, allow time
how to get free toads in super mario run
The pub could become embedded even in the game interface can also give some of his available brain time to double the number of Toads.

In addition, Nintendo has begun to send out a survey to a handful of players who tied their copy of Super Mario Nintendo Run their accounts (via MacRumors ). The publisher wants to know what the players think of the title, including the question of price: ” What is the most you could pay for Super Mario Run full?  “Is one of the survey questions. Nintendo also asks if a sequel to his game might interest the respondents.

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