Latest tips and Tricks to improve your farm in Hay Day

hayday tips and tricks

Just the third anniversary of Hay Day , we are going to talk about how to grow your farm faster, the first thing you must understand is that you have to be very patient and play smart.

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The game is highly addictive and you can spend many hours playing, but if you do not learn to effectively manage your resources, your progress will be very slow. The good news is that at level 18 unlock the Derbi neighborhood and from here you have many possibilities to level up faster, get more awards and make more money.

In the Derby horses for example, you can collaborate with your neighbors and receive rewards together once completed different tasks. Each Derbi lasts for 7 days and obviously the neighborhood that achieves complete as many tasks will be to take the rewards. On the other hand, if you want to make quick money in Hay Day cheats online, a convenient way is to plant a lot of cotton or any other type of food that is highly sought after by other users.

It is very important that you use your stall and take advantage of free ads to promote your products and that can sell quickly. If you sow and harvest a lot of cotton, it is likely to get, tables, tape, nails, etc., as well as money. If you already have access to the boat, be sure to get fishhooks or baits to fish because doing so can receive diamonds.

Fish is also a product highly sought after by other players, so if you fish very often surely can instantly sell this product and get a lot of money. Do not forget that you must wisely invest your profits expanding the capacity of the barn and silo, as well as adding new machines to create new products such as ice cream, gold, silver, juices, etc, all of which also can cause you a lot of money, complete achievements and level up faster.

If you’re using an Android or iOS device and you’re still not player Hay Day, visit the following website and delve into a world of animals and farms that will surprise you .

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