Hay Day, review, tips and tricks for iPad

hayday tips and tricks

Today we bring another popular game in the top 10 of the App Store . Hay Day comes from the hand of SuperCell, the same developers of the hit Clash of Clans that more than once we have spoken.

Hay Day is a fun game where we have to create, grow and manage a farm . The game begins with a simple tutorial where we teach them to manage on our lands (full of trees and brush at first). As you can see is very simple win the game and then be eager to want to continue to grow.

We started with small crops that will give us wheat with which we later bread, cookies, and much more. As we grow, we receive orders from our truck when we meet we give more money and experience points.

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With the money we will be increasing our farm, buy more growing areas, new machines to make other products, animals, etc. And with the experience points get open new levels and with them more possibilities on the farm.

In addition we also have to take care of the visitors who come to buy us our food. You can sell and buy up telling the local newspaper, where you will see the products of other players.

We start with a small plot of land to grow wheat and end up trading with the ship all our products. If you like games manager  certainly will not disappoint.


Learn to say no. Sometimes we have visitors who come to us an order to our farm. Is generally interesting to please as we leave some money, but sometimes it is better to let them know that the price we will pay is not too low. Try check with the price in stores, or see if perhaps you need for larger orders the truck.

Tools and more tools . Never sell tools, as you will see the demand is very high and as we are limited by the price, the tools are worth much more than what you pay for them. Like youdo not need now, but certainly in the future will come in handy. Store them and use them whenever you can to keep growing. Usually the most novice who sell tools because they see enough money and do not see its usefulness. Save them, later you sure come in handy. On the contrary, I recommend purchasing all you see but do not need them .

What is this? As you progress in the game Rare objects that may not have any use for us at the moment you will find. Do not put them to sell, you will see how disappears in a moment.You may be at level 10 and have something very good for the level 26. Hold on , you will see how you enjoy it when you get to higher levels.

Trades . On the other hand you have a lot of resources that might be able to trade, whether crops or something that you have prepared. You do not bring forth as much money as tools, but do not slow the excesses Sell your surplus harvest or your product will help you grow. Remember, always put the highest price.

Watch your diamonds . Diamonds is something very precious, you can achieve when we make any achievement or comprádolos For it is best that you take care everything you can. I recommend you not spend to finish a task, because in 10 minutes you probably have your product and your diamond does not pay. Instead it may be interesting to expand production capacity and take advantage of a machine downtime (working or sleeping) to leave our farm produce without stopping.

Visit Greg . Greg’s your farmer friend and is highly recommended that you visit because the product is selling at the best price. It is an easy way to get tools, dynamite, or crops at very reasonable prices.


I have to be honest, this trick have not tried it so I can not confirm. I found surfing the net, and I would appreciate if anyone can confirm in the comments. The process seems confusing, but try not cost much. The aim of the trick is to get diamonds.

To do so we have to do is load There Day and start playing. When we are in the game we have to go mine (we have at least level 24). When we are where escavamos mine if we arenot leaving diamond disconnect Internet. We close the application and delete multitasking.

We return to activate Internet and reload the game, once inside we repeat the process, escavamos in the mine and if we get diamond activate internet.

The trick is to try to get the diamond mine and if it is not activated and no internet so that is not stored on the server. In this way we will have endless attempts to get the diamond. Once we have diamond let you log into the server.

As I said before, the trick I have not personally tried, and neither have closed if new updates, but it makes sense to take advantage of the lag in sending information to the server.Already you tell me.

I leave a link for anyone who is not yet enjoying the game.

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