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agario tips and tricks for biggest cell

Very good, Santiago here! Today I’ll teach you to hack the famous game with an exclusive super mod called Ogario. It’s super easy and no trick, not worth money, no nothing. With this hack you will much easier to reach the Top 1 in the game.

Are there any hacks for

Yes, this browser game can be hacked, but do not rely on any of the programs you see miraculous by Google and seek to charge: ARE FAKE . Do not pay for any miraculous hack, or put your phone number or your card details, do not trust any of it. What today we present from is a js script Tampermonkey, which are most commonly used to modify browser games as Agario.

To run the hack Agario need to run the browser – level scripts, and for this we will use, in the case of Google Chrome the Tampermonkey extension . If you use Firefox you can install Greasemonkey , which is quite similar. They are 100% reliable, because as you can see both extensions are in the official repositories of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The install and ready.

Once you have installed Tampermonkey (or if you use Firefox Greasemonkey) we will be able to run the hack script Agario with dozens of changes, tricks and benefits.

Wow, ? Very different truth Now let me show you all the hacks and tricks that includes this modified version of the game:

  • Zoom (with the mouse scroll wheel)
  • Autozooming
  • Hidden names
  • Hides the mass
  • Autohiding food
  • Opponents of colors depending on its mass
  • Your opponents rings
  • Cells and viruses are transparent (you see what’s underneath)
  • transparent skins (spies)
  • Skins (skins) exclusive additional
  • Background grid
  • Sectors background
  • Map boundaries and limits
  • Minimap (sectors, location, current sector location where you died)
  • FPS and counter rFP
  • Mass guides
  • Arrow cursor control and guide
  • Many more

Besides you will be able to use the keyboard to perform new functions and techniques such as:

  • Q – double division
  • W – macro feed
  • E – pause your ball
  • P – switch modes
  • A – shoot very fast virus
  • S – game statistics
  • D – change cell during division
  • F – alternate food
  • G – switch bots
  • Z – reset the zoom
  • X – change location of death
  • Shift – super division into 16 parts

Still you want to know more? In this video tutorial you can see the hack running and you certainly impressed by the amount of improvements including:

What exactly is this game? is a free browser based game that has exploded in popularity thanks to Youtube phenomenon. In Agario you play as a point or a ball, everything starts with a small bubble you drive by a growing stage and by eating small pellets that are everywhere. As you grow, you start to be able to eat larger and also rivals balls. All this must be done while avoiding enemies at long intervals and / or viruses.

In other words, the object of the game is to eat and avoid being eaten by your opponents.If you’re small all you can eat, if you’re big you can eat almost all (but will be slower). While the game is quite simple and easy to understand, those who want to excel and be in top positions can easily read our guide of tips, tricks and hacks that will make you a better player and could even send you to the top of the table classification.

Tips and tricks to play in

These are just some tips and tricks that can help improve your game technique are likely to find these very useful tricks as they are easy to understand and implement. With a little practice you can reach the well – known Top 10 without resorting to hacks, mods or programs to hack

  1. Use the edges:  Do you have an opponent in front to eat? Try to lead them to the nearest edge or corner and this will make it harder for them to escape and easier for you gobble.
  2. Pay attention to the other players: Look at the bigger players, follow them for a full game and revises its strategies. Use the corners, they eat a lot, they flee, ally themselves with other users, all these tricks and employing hack you well come to be better at the game.
  3. Use the virus to take advantage Agario:  Using the viruses can successfully help you survive in the game. Viruses break the bigger balls and larger opponents. When you’re being chased, seek refuge behind a virus can be a smart move, because it gives a certain level of protection and can eliminate some of the threats in your environment. It is also particularly powerful if you feed them (the virus) before it reaches your enemy.
  4. Smaller balls … Take advantage of speed: The higher the bubble moves slower. This is important to remember that when you’re a small ball and you’re being chased by a larger bubble you have the advantage of the slowness of your enemy to move in a long enough direction to get them to follow you and then quickly switch your address and the output speed. Because they are larger and slower in his movements, your pursuer will be left behind, and will give you time to escape.

Game mods has different game modes which dramatically affect the way the game is played.Then I explain how each game mode Agario works:

  1. Experimental mode:  Here you will be able to play in the “playground” of developers, because it is where are implemented and tested new techniques and features.Things can be a bit wild as no longer a motorcycle betatester.
  2. Computer mode:  In mode equipment will find balls / beads of three colors: green, blue or red. The object of the game is to eat everything that is not the same color as your team.
  3. Free for all (FFA):  This is the “classic” mode and that most people play. It is automatically loaded when the game starts. Why are not you playing yet?
  4. Party Mode:  To play this mode you have to do is go to, choose a name, choose the last gameplay Party and create a game room with friends. The party mode is to play only privately with friends, and is great fun.

The conflict of hacks and coins

Since the coins were introduced in Agario and have monetized the browser game, the gameplay experience is not the same. Now you can get to be twice as big and even tripling your initial size, all buying coins. With the coins you can also buy amazing skins like the game face, the skin of espionage. The “skin Spy” has a light gray color, like the lines in the game, and a transparent fill that means others players will struggle to look good.

This mask / skin invisibility is not 100%, but close to it. The hard truth is that without having to pay money to get coins , there is no way you get 10,000 points worth Skin spy, not counting the coins will have to invest in the road to try other skins, mods, etc.

That’s all, if you liked this hack I recommend you see the hack , another game very popular on Youtube and you’ll like it as much or more. We also have many tutorials to learn to hack Facebook .

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